Maestro Global Network

We are providing global business services. Our team consists of professionals with an array of expertise, both planning and operating a business.  We work with  investors, entrepreneurs or individual business people.

We are experts in:

1)Business Networking Events

We organize business networking events all through the year to help bring businesses, investors and innovators together. These events help strengthen our network and promote relationships worldwide, with MAESTRO providing support, growth and opportunities throughout.

2)Business Destination Management

MAESTRO has been the consultant or coach for many projects and investments. We are global in nature with a presence in over twenty countries, understanding local business practices and customs. We help you avoid losing time from planning and mistakes, which is crucial to any new or growing business. We start from scratch with your business plan or, if you have been in business for a while, we help you revise where you have new opportunities or where you might be struggling. We establish our client’s requirements, objectives and budget prior to starting our engagement, and work with these in mind every step of the way so we can produce measurable results.

3)Trade  and Brokerage

MAESTRO Global Network has vast experience in providing trade intermediary services. We collaborate with experts with trade environments and economic factors, facilitating your business success in the various markets in which you participate. Our experts have access to the most updated information from their own databases and from the institutions with whom we work.

Maestro Global Network is a corporate subsidiary of the MAESTRO Corporate Group. MAESTRO Corporate Group is headquartered in Chicago and has also offices in New York, Washington, D.C. and London. With 21 existing companies and with our continual expansion, we have the experience to assist our network with their endeavors as well. Our expertise varies from global trade to retail and restaurant management to technology and real estate and many others.